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Maintained and Clean with EnviroNize Anolyte.

What is EnviroNize Anolyte?

EnviroNize Anolyte (electrolyzed water) is an all-natural antibacterial/antimicrobial solution that effectively controls a broad spectrum of harmful pathogens and is a Health Canada DIN 02410605 registered product.

EnviroNize Anolyte is a very powerful disinfectant against all bacteria and viruses, even when it is diluted in water or sprayed in the air.
EnviroNize Anolyte is a non-hazardous, cost-effective alternative to bleach and other traditional hazardous chemicals used for sanitizing and disinfection. Powerful and SAFE and is not harmful to humans, animals, plants or marine life, leaving no harmful residuals.

EnviroNize Anolyte (electrolyzed water) is “Raising the Bar” in Cleaning and Disinfecting! This novel technology is reaching new heights and setting new standards. It is Green, Clean and it works!

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Tulsa Firefighters Create Advanced Method Of Sanitation

The Tulsa Firefighters came up with a solution to sanitizing for their safety and the public they serve, spraying hypochlorous acid on equipment to sanitize after use.

Unlike many other sanitation chemicals, hypochlorous acid does not have a lasting antimicrobial effect. In other words, once it lands on a surface, it reacts with any germs or organic matter on that surface and then immediately deactivates. NO rising is required and not harmful to the environment.

With several industry specific formulas. Let us show you which one will give you peace of mind.

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