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Sense Green Distribution

Sense the Green Planet.

Sense Green is a Saskatoon based business established with the focus of providing life improving environment friendly solutions to the prairies people, businesses and organizations. We exclusively carry products that align with our core values of healthy living, sustainability and maintaining a healthier planet. The products we have are scientifically proven to be effective, non-toxic and do not leave any residue waste behind.



A proven, safe & effective alternative to Chemical Cleaners & Disinfectants!. Replace toxic chemicals with green alternatives. Our complete line of market-specific Health Canada DIN Registered Disinfectants and Sanitizers used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment, and general sanitation. Made in Canada certified Pro-Cert & USDA Organic.


RezFree is rich in enzymes and increases microbial activity in the treated soil, Roots grow longer, allowing plants to uptake nutrients more efficiently, and reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers needed. With Soil Association Certification of the United Kingdom, CERES has signed a 'Contract for Symbol Programme Product Acceptance'.

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